Fine, specialty fabrics can be displayed, worn, stretched on a frame or laid across a decorative table setting. Whatever the utilization of your fabrics, we can accommodate your project needs by preparing and treating these items with the utmost care in procedure and handling.   Antiques of any make and manufacture are sure to vary in quality and style, but the condition of most antique textiles will be critical if not properly cared for. Our team of specialists can evaluate the condition of your collection, providing an assessment of potential hazards and environmental factors for deterioration. These risk assessments are vital for the continued preservation of a collection and are useful when acquiring a Fine Arts insurance policy.   A conservator’s job is multifaceted. Some objects may suffer severe deterioration from use wear, as well as from environmental hazards such as mildew and dust, soot and soil, fungi and pests - not to mention the embrittlement of fibers due to heat emitting vents and lamps, or the dulling of pigmentation due to direct sunlight through windows and blinds.  
Miss Reichstadt has been instrumental in helping us establish not only a record and evaluation of our collections but has also brought them up to conservation standards.
Tandy Museum
Dr. Steven Ortiz, Director
Temple Emanu-El is extremely grateful for
and proud of the conservation that Heather
Reichstadt was able to execute on the Anni Albers Ark Panels.
Temple EManu-El
Aesthetics Committee of Temple EManu-El
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