Often times drapes, rugs and furniture will need freshening up if dulled or stained from age, use, pet hair and food stains. We provide an onsite cleaning service for these items.
  Object conservation is defined as the protection and preservation of an antique or work of art. This service entails the examination, research, risk assessment, storage preparation and preventative care of such objects.   Like conservation, restoration involves preventative measures for protecting works of art. However, a restorative process includes an alteration of a deteriorated object whereby the original design is mimicked by the restorer in those areas where damage has occurred.  
Miss Reichstadt has been instrumental in helping us establish not only a record and evaluation of our collections but has also brought them up to conservation standards.
Tandy Museum
Dr. Steven Ortiz, Director
Temple Emanu-El is extremely grateful for
and proud of the conservation that Heather
Reichstadt was able to execute on the Anni Albers Ark Panels.
Temple EManu-El
Aesthetics Committee of Temple EManu-El
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